Are you and your child exhausted and need a good night’s sleep?

Is every nap/bedtime a struggle?
Does your child wake multiple times a night and not know how to put themselves back to sleep?

Have you read every sleep book and feel lost at what to do next?
Has your bed become the family bed and no one is sleeping well?
Have you tried every method and nothing has worked?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you are at the right place. Peaceful Night is here to help you get the sleep you and your child need!

Peaceful Night offers gentle and individualized sleep plans for families who need help with their child’s sleep troubles. Every child is unique and will have different needs that will be evaluated to create a personalized program. Together we will come up with a detailed gentle sleep plan to meet your child’s individual sleep needs. Peaceful Night works with client’s in-person in the Destin and surrounding NW Florida areas or via Skype and phone all over the United States. If you have a child up to 6 years of age that could use some help with sleep, please contact Erin at Peaceful Night!
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